Creation of sponsored campaigns

The advantage of advertising on the Internet compared to other media is in a nutshell: the cost! Indeed, on the Web, to reach a target audience and increase the number of customers of an advertiser, a small budget is sufficient.

We will help you find customers, prospects on the web..

The objectives?

  • Drain of traffic to your website,
  • Increase the number of your prospects,
  • Multiply the number of views of your videos on Youtube, your fans on Facebook

Our tools

Google Adwords: :

Your paid ads appear when users perform searches by key words on Google (,, They can also appear on millions of sites of Google’s partner in the form of texts or visuals.

Facebook Ads :

These ads targeting Facebook users according to criteria specified by the users themselves on their Facebook profile (age, city, sex, family situation, page likee…).

Youtube Ads :

Ads may appear at the beginning of a video of the same thematic, below a video, or when searching on Youtube…

Remarketing campaigns::

They target people who have visited your website. It then becomes possible to continue to communicate with these users even when they left your site.

Linkedin Ads :

These ads target present professionals on Linkedin. They are useful to find an employee, a partner, or promote your website or your articles. Targeting is done according to information reported by users: their profession, their country of residence, the groups to which they are members, the keywords.

Bing Ads :

Same principle as Google Adwords but for users of or their partners sites